Metool Brigade Mentors


Team 1208 loves its mentors! Without their knowledge and dedication, our success would not be possible. We also owe so much to parents and other volunteers who invest in us their time, interest and most importantly, their FOOD. So, to all of you: thank you so much!

Mr. Curry

Mr. Eric Curry is the most dedicated member of the O’Fallon Township High School Metool Brigade. He is a physics teacher at O’Fallon and the sponsor of Team 1208. Mr. Curry spends six of his seven days a week at the school for about twelve hours a day, and works hard to inspire a love for science and technology. His dedication to his job and the robotics program exemplifies his interest in the students.

Mrs. Mueller

Mrs. Mueller is a driver education and health teacher at O’Fallon, an OTHS graduate, and OTHS’s 1985 Illinois State Discus Champion! Helping the team since 2011, she is the assistant coach for the Metool Brigade, putting in around 20 hours a week to supervise all aspects of our robots’ construction. Her favorite thing about FIRST and Team 1208 is that they involve the cooperation of many different types of people, all developing very different sets of skill, whether in programming, mechanics, electronics, administration, or media.

Mr. Mueller

Mr. Mueller is a Cell Technician for Verizon, and has volunteered for the team since 2011. His main roles on the team include helping build the FTC and FRC game fields and transporting our robots to and from FRC competitions.

Mr. Anderson

Mr. Anderson has been helping our team out since the 2009-2010 school year. A veteran of the Navy and field engineer who works with electronics on a regular basis, his knowledge has been beneficial in building the field and helping out a little bit everywhere. He is dedicated and helps out the team about 10 hours a week, and was also crucial in obtaining our sponsorship from Lockheed Martin, as he currently works for them. In addition, Mr. Anderson has competed in some INTENSE HAND TO HAND COMBAT with our robot this year, when it was accidentally driven directly at him. He enjoys being able to help people think outside the box while working with the team.

Mr. Medder

Mr. Medder has been mentoring Team 1208 since 2010, working with us an average of 15 hours a week. He aids us in building the field and with the mechanical aspects of building our robots. Mr. Medder thinks FIRST is a great program and appreciates the work it does in inspiring interest in technology among students.

Mrs. Moore

Mrs. Moore, a mechanical/aerospace engineer, has been the Metool Brigade's Boeing sponsor since 2011. She helps the team by coming in once a week. An OTHS graduate in the class of 1994, Mrs. Moore was on the JETS (now known as WYSE) team. She went to Notre Dame University, where she majored in mathematics and participated in the Air Force ROTC program. After college, she joined the reserves at Scott Air Force Base. For the next two years, she started working at Hewitt's Associates in Chicago. In 2000, Mrs. Moore recieved a position at Bowing working on the F-18. In 2003, she started pilot training for the Air Force. Upon completion of the training, she came back to Scott Air Force Base to work on the KC-135. Mrs. Moore is currently working at Boeing on the tanker program. She is happily married to her high school sweetheart of thirteen years with three lovely children.

Mr. Erb

Mr. Erb is a 2007 grad of OTHS. He has his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois and is now working on his master's degree from MIT. Mr. Erv is a former chief construction officer of the Metool Brigade and has attended every FRC Kickoff since 2006.

Jacob Medder

Jacob Meder is a 2013 OTHS graduate. He currently attends Missouri S&T where he is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. During his Junior and Senior years of high school, he served as the CCO for robotics and worked for over 300 hours. He helped build and design the robots as a student, and he teaches and assists the mechanical team. He recently helped out the current team for the first three weeks following kickoff.

Mr. Nicholson

Mr. Nicholson is a Functional Manger Theater C2 Exercies & Readiness and has master degrees in human resource development and in management. He uses his skills to come in and help as much as he can during the week and the weekends. He is a great helper and team 1208 is glad to have had him as a mentor since 2014.

Mrs. Nicholson

Mrs. Nicholson is a Foreign military sales line manager. She has a associates degree in aircrew operations and is a instructor of technology. Since 2014, she comes in as much as she can for support and puts in a lot of time and effort into helping out the team.

Mr. McCoy

Moving here from Texas with the Army in 2014, Mr. McCoy has been volunteering with the Team since the 2015 build season.

Mr. Patel

When working in the computer industry, on data mining and terra data computing, Mr. Patel obtained his programming knowledge and is no helping our team acquire its. Mr. Patel was a steady volunteer for team 1208 from 2010 to 2014 as the project manager of programming.

Aaron Faubel

A Robotics 1208 alumni, Aaron was the Chief Mechanical officer of the 2013-2014 school year. He currently attends University of Wisconsin for engineering and helps out with our club whenever he is in O'Fallon.

Ian Wilson

Ian has been a steady volunteer for Team 1208 after graduating from OTHS in 2012. He currently studies Computer engineering at California Polytechnic State University.

Sydney Stogner

After graduating from OTHS in 2015, Sydney still volunteers to mentor the team. She currently goes to SIUE.

David Hinton

David was Chief Mechanical Officer during his senior year at OTHS and, since graduating, frequently returns to help team 1208. He currently is a student at Missouri S&T for Mechanical Engineering.

Adam Poindexter

The 2014-2015 Chief Programming Officer, Adam has been volunteering for our program since his graduation. He currently attends the University of Illinois for Electrical Engineering.