Metool Brigade Members

Team 1208 Officers

CEO: Annie Roberts
Chief Construction Officer: Alex Brown
Chairman's Award Team: Becca Cowin, Caitlyn Person, and Annie Roberts

Administrative Team

Chief Administrative Officer
Becca Cowin

Chief Financial Officer: Adam Spihlman
Web Page Officers: Randy Chen and Dylan Sholtes
Video Productions Officer: Parker Crain
Communications Officer: Logan Miles
Accountant: Chandler Cairatti
Fundraising Officer: Nick Longhorn
Administrative Inventory and Storage Officers: Gabriella Goerke and Caitlyn Person
Artistic Design Officers: Bianca Castillo, Laura Green, Jennifer Greene
Activity Book Officer: Andrea Wieman
Photographers: Lauren Kalteis
Awards Officer: TBD
Rules Officer: Devin Le Pere
Certification Officer: Tyler Przybysz
Scheduling Officer: Silwana Tiwari
Safety Officer: Maggie Sheerin

Mechanical Team

Chief Mechanical Officer
Connor Hale

Assistant Chief Mechanical Officer: Matt McCoy
Alfreds: Cooper Barnhill and Hayden Ourada
CAD Officer: Chandler Cairatti
Assistant CAD Officer: Cooper Barnhill
Mechanical Tools Officers: Robert Gonzales and Joshua Preston
Mechanical Inventory and Storage Officers: Logan Harris and Won Jun Kim

Electrical Team

Chief Electrical Officer
Garrett McArthur

Assistant Chief Electrical Officers: Sophia Melzer and Chris Wu
Electrical Tool Officers: Jake DeLange and Lilly Schmidt
Electrical Inventory and Storage Officers: Keenan Krebs and Lindsey Reinacher

Programming Team

Chief Programming Officers

Assistant Chief Programming Officer: Eric Henrichs
Programming Inventory Officer: Lauren White