Team Management Tips for your team

Team Management Resources

Click here to download a .zip archive of the following files:

  • Specifications (.xls): An excel spreadsheet we use to document our Driver Station controls and how the Control System is configured.
  • Tradeoff Calculator (.xlsx): An excel spreadsheet useful during the brainstorming process, used to tabulate and select mechanisms based on their different tradeoffs.
  • Lessons Learned Matrix (.xls): A detailed spreadsheet of all the lessons we learned in the FRC 2011 Build Season and how to perform better in the area of robot design and maintenance.
  • Build Season 2011 Log (.pdf): A detailed log of all the work that was accomplished on our 2011 FRC Robot during the build season.
  • SVN Server Setup and Usage (.doc): Explains how to set up Tortoise SVN (more info below) as a client.

All of these tools were developed by former Team 1208 mentor David Gitz.

Resources not contained in the .zip file:
  • Repository: As an archival tool, we use Google Code as our repository and Tortoise SVN as a client to back up software and other documents. A lot of other teams use this to store the majority of their data, whereas we use Dropbox.
  • Dropbox: As stated above, Dropbox is where we store our data. It acts as a network folder that automatically synchronizes with the cloud and any other computer that you have configured. It is a great tool and we would not be able to operate our Programming Team without it.
  • St. Louis Tourist Info: Developed by Team 1208's own Mr. Curry. Document describing some great information on where things are located for FRC teams coming to compete at the Championship.