Control System Tips for your team

Control System Resources

Control System Resources: A link to the 2016 official hardware resources page.

Click here to download a .zip archive of the following files (Part 1 of 2):

  • Troubleshooting Rubric and Troubleshooting Ticket (.xls): A template for rapid logging of issues during a match.
  • Troubleshooting Guide (FRC Season 2010) (.xls): A basic troubleshooting guide for the FRC Control System. This document was created for the 2010 Control System.
  • Build Season 2011 Log (.pdf): A detailed log of all the work that was accomplished on our 2011 FRC Robot during the build season.

Click here to download a .zip archive of the following files (Part 2 of 2):

  • FRC Control System, What Rookies Need to Know (.ppt): Describes the FRC 2012 Control System and general Tips for configuration.
  • Communications Intro (.ppt): Describes the different communication methods of sensors and wired connections.
  • Beta Testing for FRC 2012 (.ppt): Describes the Beta Software/Hardware that Team 1208 tested for the FRC 2012 Season.

All of these tools were developed by former Team 1208 mentor David Gitz.

Resources not contained in the .zip file:

  • Control Systems Manual: Details the complete process for setting up and configuring the Robot Control System. (FIRST)
  • Kit of Parts: Main resource for all items in the Kit of Parts. (FIRST)
  • Network Configuration Tool: A useful tool designed to help configure the different network settings for a FRC control system. This project is still under active development and as such is not in a stable release. (David Gitz, Team 1208)