About FRC Team 1208 The Metool Brigade

Our Mission Statement

To unite teams, communities, and countries through cooperative efforts in problem solving; to instill character by showing the rewards of hard work; and to promote innovative thinking in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Team Story

The US FIRST Team 1208 (The Metool Brigade), O'Fallon Township High School's Robotics Team, works year round preparing for our annual Regional competitions. The team will be competing in the St. Louis Regional and Iowa Regional competitions this year, and in previous years it has also competed in the Kansas City Regional, and the Little Rock Regional. Additionally, in 2010, the Metool Brigade competed in the Championship in Atlanta, Georgia.

The whole team is student run, but we are directed and sponsored by Mr. Eric Curry, our generous and magnanimous leader. Our club officers, 41 of them, must be enrolled in Honors Physics 2 with Mr. Curry to hold a position. Students select jobs at the beginning of school year and gain experience in those positions every Friday of the first semester. Then, every day during third quarter is dedicated to working on robotics.

We have 4 departments in our leadership: Electrical, Mechanical, Programming and Administrative. These divisions collaborate to build the robot. All members and officers are required to complete a certification test consisting of two parts: a written test and a skills test. The written test involves general team 1208 knowledge, such as important dates, important events, and important people. The skills test depends on the department. The objective of this test is to show proficiency in the programs and parts utilizied within the department.

We started competing in FRC in 2003 after Mr. McCammack, our former electronics instructor, founded our team and since then our team has gained confidence and a good bit of experience. Along with Mr. Curry, we also receive a good deal of support from our mentors.

O'Fallon is a wonderful city thriving inside the St. Louis metro area. Through our performance in Robotics, we hope to bring greater public interest in the Robotics program and encourage our succeeding teams to further our success!

Activity Book

Simply put, this is a summary of the Metool Brigade.