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Kickoff 2017

January 7, 2016
Written by Randy Chen and Dylan Sholtes

The 2017 kickoff has arrived! This year, at Clayton Middle School, teams from the St. Louis area gathered early in the morning to see what this year’s game has to bring. This year, the game is FIRST STEAMWORKS, a battle about turning rotors and gaining steam pressure for your airship, using your and your alliance’s robots. At kickoff all of the teams received a kit of parts to help the beginning of the build season. After kickoff, Team 1208 met back in Mr. Curry’s room to discuss strategy for this year’s game. Robotics members, we will be meeting Monday through Friday from 3-5pm and on Saturdays/holidays from 9am-5pm. This will remain all throughout the build season.

Movie Night

December 2, 2016
Written by Randy Chen and Dylan Sholtes

The Robotics Team is hosting a movie night on Saturday, December 10th start at 7:00 pm. We will be watching Elf at the Smiley IMC. Admission is $5, and we will have food and drinks available for purchase. If you are not a Robotics member, please contact a member to purchase tickets. Members! Remember to pick up your tickets at Mr. Curry’s Room 507.

Annual Pancake Breakfast

October 21, 2016
Written by Dylan Sholtes

Come and support O'Fallon Team 1208 at our annual pancake breakfast! $10 for ALL YOU CAN EAT PANCAKES. Warning, pancakes will be thrown! Make sure you can catch because you sure won't want to miss this one!

Gateway Robotics Challenge

October 3, 2016
Written by Rebecca Cowin

On October 1, Team 1208 attended the Gateway Robotics Competition at Hazelwood West High School. Bringing last year’s robots, the teams competed in the First Stronghold game to help new drivers and members gain experience. Competing with two robots as Team 1208 and 1207, the Metools started out slow but quickly improved as matches continued. Both teams joined strong alliances with Team 1208 getting picked by the fourth place team and Team 1207 getting chosen by the third place team. While Team 1208 was eliminated in the second round, Team 1207 and their alliance continued to place second! Congrats to all the Robotics teams who competed!

Chairman's Award Video

February 27, 2016
Video by Ryan Byrnes, Claire Riggs, and Kent Rousseau

The Metool Brigade presents our 2016 Chairman's Award video, featuring interviews from all aspects of the club.

Robot Testing

February 23, 2016
Video by Kent Rousseau

Preparing for the 2016 Open House presentation, the Metool programmers gain confidence with a 3 in-a-row streak of success for autonomous skill in Low Bar and Shooting. For an even better look at this year's bot, The Avenger, visit Our Robot.

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