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Chairman's Award Video

February 27, 2016
Video by Ryan Byrnes, Claire Riggs, and Kent Rousseau

The Metool Brigade presents our 2016 Chairman's Award video, featuring interviews from all aspects of the club.

Robot Testing

February 23, 2016
Video by Kent Rousseau

Preparing for the 2016 Open House presentation, the Metool programmers gain confidence with a 3 in-a-row streak of success for autonomous skill in Low Bar and Shooting. For an even better look at this year's bot, The Avenger, visit Our Robot.

Food Drive

January 26, 2016
Written by Kent Rousseau

After record-breaking amounts of rain this winter, the Metool Brigade reached out to help the flood victims of the St. Louis area. We hosted a food drive open to the school and community, amassing an impressive amount of canned goods and imperishable foods.

Kickoff 2016

January 19, 2016
Video By Kent Rousseau

Recently, the team grouped up for the Kickoff meeting and planning session. After receiving the Kit of Parts, the team returned to OTHS to work on their plan of action. Here's a video montage of the day:

Gateway Robotics Challenge

November 6, 2015
Written by Julie Warchol

On October 17, Team 1208 attended a preseason competition, the Gateway Robotics Challenge, in Hazelwood, Missouri. This competition involves using last year’s game, Recycle Rush, and robot in order to help new members and drivers get a feel for and practice for FRC events. Team 1208 brought an extra robot to lend to another developing team. However, this team did not show up, so Team 1208 competed with two robots and two separate drive teams as Team 1208 and Team 2707.Team 2707 placed 5th in the qualifying matches! Team 1208 was selected by the 2nd place team to form a powerful alliance. Team 2707 fought hard, but was eliminated in the first round of elimination matches. Team 1208 powered through the competition and ended up in the finals! The finals were a best two out of three competition. It was all tied up in the third match. After an intense final round, Team 1208 and the blue alliance took home first place! This was the second time Team 1208 has competed at the GRC and the first time they won it all! Congratulations Team 1208!!!

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